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Lions Wrestling Booster Club is a non-profit group run 100% by volunteers, and the only way the club will prosper is with assistance from parents or other family members. Just as coaches are giving their time, parents are expected to assist during club functions to ensure a smooth operation for the benefit of our wrestlers. There is always a lot of work involved from the start of each event until the end, but we have a lot of fun too! It’s certainly rewarding to support the kids and foster new friendships through the various volunteering opportunities.

There are many ways in which parents can help the club grow, so please ask how you can help! If you are unfamiliar with wrestling and its rules, we have many experienced moms and dads who are happy to teach and mentor you so that you might better enjoy the sport and be comfortable volunteering.

Note: Volunteers can include anyone within your support system, including extended family and friends; however all volunteers are over the age of 17.

Employer/Corporate Donations

Many employers will match their employee’s cash donations to non-profit organizations such as the Lions Wrestling Booster Club. Some employers are also donating cash matches for their employee volunteer time. Please check with your employer to see if they offer these types of programs. Every Dollar Counts!

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